Mental Health Awareness Week

So this week it’s mental health awareness week, it now feels even more fitting that this was the week I choose to finally start my blog and try to spread awareness about OCD.

The mental health foundation have a questionnaire on their website where you can find out your good mental health score, Mental Health Survey .  I was surprised after having taken it answering mostly ‘Some of the time’ – so not particularly positively overall, that I actually achieved an average (“Normal”) result.  I think this helps to back up what is becoming more and more apparent, that mental health issues effect more people then we realise, I believe the current stat is 1 in 4 people (Some Mental Health Stats).

It is very easy when you are suffering from a mental health problem to think you are alone and that no one else could be going through what you are.  When I first starting suffering I was only 11 and I had never even heard of OCD, I had no idea what was happening and it was terrifying.  The only way we can stop this happening to other people is to raise awareness.  This is why this week is so important.



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