Is there anybody out there?

Isn’t OCD frustrating?  This is the question I contemplate as I sit here with a blank page wanting to write, to shout about my experiences, to share and hopefully help others, who like me are fighting the OCD battle day after day.

I say frustrating because I’ve wanted to start this blog for well over a year, it nags at me – a bit like my OCD, that I should share my experiences and not be ashamed and even if it just helps one person out, then it’s been completely worth it.  But every time I try to sit down and start, my OCD is there haunting me saying, ‘what will people you know think’, ‘will you be able to cope with all the questions?’, ‘Will people look at you differently’, ‘will people judge me?’ and before I know it I’ve closed the computer lid.  Much like an OCD compulsion where by shutting the lid I’ve dealt with the situation for now, however the need to share always comes back and so here I am, being the bravest I can be, in the hope that I can at least reach a few people and maybe even help myself deal with my OCD even better.

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