OCD – Week of Action

So this week has been OCD week of action in the UK.  I always wish I could do more to spread the word but I can be a bit hopeless at times.

This year I used the OCD week of action as an opportunity to finally tell all of my friends and family about my OCD.  My close friends and family have known for a little while but I’ve found it hard to tell everyone I know as people just don’t talk about mental health,  conversions just never go there.

I used social media to do this and I’ve got to say, what a relief, after the initial rush of fear/Adrenalin and nerves about what kind of a reaction I would get I then found myself feeling surprisingly free, like a massive weight had finally been lifted off my back after over 20 years!  In addition to this, I’ve actually received nothing but positive feedback so far, I’m not really sure what I was expecting but the positive response has been pretty encouraging.

It just demonstrates again how much of a bully OCD is, telling you constantly that people won’t understand and that there is something wrong with you, it’s just so important to talk.

So this is the message from today’s blog, to talk to someone if you are feeling troubled, I really can’t say it enough.  A problem shared is a definitely a problem halved.  The weight of hiding a mental illness can make you unwell in itself and I don’t think I even realised how heavy that weight was until this week.

Stay Strong xxx