OCD – 4 things that are helping right now - I’m sad to see that It’s been just over a year to the day that I’ve written a full post.  I have been updating social media a bit and in all honestly I was considering letting this blog go, but I’ve just read some of the comments and I’ve realised that that’s not an option … Continue reading OCD – 4 things that are helping right now
Compulsion Doubt Theory – Overcoming OCD Compulsions - A few years ago I wrote a post on overcoming OCD compulsions and how thinking of an opposite thought could combat the initial thought, so for example Intrusive thought  ‘I need to wash my hands until it feels right because I touched something dirty on the door handle and I might now be contaminated’ Opposite thinking … Continue reading Compulsion Doubt Theory – Overcoming OCD Compulsions
Everyday It’s You vs You - Happy New Year all! Is it still OK to say that on the 27th Jan? How is 2022 treating you so far? I always find January a tough month, it’s dark, cold and long! But at least we’re nearly into February now and it’s getting a bit lighter each day as we edge closer to … Continue reading Everyday It’s You vs You
What a year! - Well, what a year 2021 has been, I feel like I’ve been to hell and back and I really didn’t see it coming. As a result, I have been super quiet on here and I am sorry for that but know I have been working on myself and building back my resilience which was shattered … Continue reading What a year!
Relapse and Recovery - So, I’ve been away for a while and I’m sorry about that but the title of this post might give you a little insight into why that’s been the case.  I’ve had OCD for a long time now and I thought I was pretty resilient and to be honest I think I probably was but … Continue reading Relapse and Recovery
Is it me or the situation? - This is something I think I was already aware of but has been bought to my attention again recently by my new working schedule. Just over a year ago I wrote about how I was going to leave my job in May 2020 and pursue an alternative career in Yoga. I wrote this post click … Continue reading Is it me or the situation?
OCD – Blind Faith - So how is everyone doing?  It’s been a tough few weeks hasn’t it. Today I thought I’d write about Blind Faith; this is something you may never of heard of but if you have then it’s probably been in a religious sense. The definition of Blind Faith, from our friends at google is as follows:  … Continue reading OCD – Blind Faith
Pure O During Lockdown - I have had OCD for the last 25 years (man that stat sucks) and generally I have become pretty good at keeping it at bay but more recently with everything going on in the UK I have noticed I am slipping more often and there just aren’t as many of my normal coping mechanisms around … Continue reading Pure O During Lockdown
Beating OCD Top Tips - So this year I haven’t managed to post as often as I’d like, Covid-19 and my yoga course have taken most of attention and I do find the OCD isn’t affecting me as much.  Is this because I am so busy?  Partly I think yes but I am definitely not naïve enough to think it … Continue reading Beating OCD Top Tips
The mental implications of lockdown and isolating - So somehow, it’s now September and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down, collect my thoughts and actually try and write something.  It’s been a tough old time heading back to work with my husband having to work away and me still having to look after my children.  I’ve felt my motivation … Continue reading The mental implications of lockdown and isolating