Like yourself, you are good enough

I don’t generally like to think of OCD as a separate unwanted part of myself, at the end of the day, like it or not it is part of me and I expect it will always be there in some way, shape or form.  However I would say OCD is a bully, it prays on my self doubt, and feeds off any negativity going on inside my brain.  When you have an intrusive thought, most of the time it will bring you down and absorb you into yourself, it will make you doubt the very core of who you think you are.

Therefore my advice is simply to like yourself and who you are.  You will only believe yourself capable of horrible actions if you think you are a bad person and do not like yourself.  Work on building your confidence as a person, invest time in looking after yourself, exercise, spend time with friends, do things you enjoy, all of these things will help you to know who you are.  Then the next time OCD tries to convince you you’re capable of something awful you will know yourself better and it will be easier to dismiss the thought.

Don’t let OCD drag you down!

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